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fire & frost: Canens Chronicles Book 2 (coming 2019)

A princess without a throne.

Crown Princess Winterberry of Canens has fled her home country and the stepmother who tried to kill her. Leaving behind a cursed country where every day's survival is uncertain, Winter finds safety in Ardor, the land of her most feared enemy. There she's faced with the impossible decision of returning home to certain death, staying in enemy land and abandoning her people to endure slavery and cruelty at Blanche's hands, or finding a way to turn her greatest enemy into her greatest ally.

An ill-used daughter.

Despite her noble birth, Ella Saevus of Ardor lives a humble life under the oppressive hatred of her two sisters and their mother. After her father's untimely death, the patriarchal laws of Ardor make it nearly impossible for Ella to run the family business breeding and selling horses. And as the clock ticks down toward the autumn auction, Ella is finding more enemies than friends, when a battered, ill young woman in disguise shows up on her doorstep.

A hunter under a curse.

The Huntsman of Canens is cursed to track his prey until its heart stops beating. He never fails to catch his prey. And this time, his prey is human. He won't stop until he finds the princess he's been commanded to kill. And he will deliver the princess' heart to Queen Blanche's waiting hands, unless someone can stop him.

Enter the world of the Seven Kingdoms, a land once ruled by Fae and now cursed by them in book two of the Canens Chronicles. 

And an ice queen.

Queen Blanche has already stolen a throne, but now she's seeking another. Not only does she have plans to kill her stepdaughter, she intends to make sure her own legacy lives on far after she dies. No matter what it costs, she will become a leader no one can ever forget and change the future of all of the Seven Kingdoms.

Enter the world of the Seven Kingdoms, a land once ruled by Fae and now cursed by them in book two of the Canens Chronicles. 


broken time

Five years ago Constance's clock stopped at the same time as her husband's heart. With it, her life as she knew it stopped. The only constant was her job and her best friend. 

Since her husband's death, she hasn't been able to restart her life, and she's not ready to try. Then she gets laid off her job, her ex-druggie sister shows up on her doorstep (with a four-year-old daughter Constance has never met before), her best friend is suffering through a troubled marriage, and Constance is left without any idea what to do with herself.

So she does what she always does: buries herself into the past by clinging to fond memories. Only this time, she learns her memories might not be accurate. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. And now she's left picking up the pieces to everyone else's life and wondering whether anything she thought she knew about her life was true.