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Fog & Mist: canens chronicles book 1 (coming spring 2019)

An imprisoned princess…

Winterberry has been a princess in name only since her father died. Now that she is almost of age to take the throne of Canens, her stepmother has her arrested. Thrown into prison, Winterberry finds her fate in the slavery of Canens. Only through fleeing the country's icy grips can she hope to save herself and her country.

A kidnapped princess…

The Heian princess left her country with good-hearted intentions to help the plagued inhabitants of neighboring Ostium. Instead, she's kidnapped and sold into slavery. Crown Prince Rus leaves everything behind—including his throne—to travel into Canens and bring his sister back, abandoning Heia to his uncle in the meantime.

A false queen with questionable intentions…

Queen Blanche has ruled the cursed land of Canens for many years after her husband’s untimely death, and she has no intention of giving it up to a spoiled, naive girl who has no idea what she's doing. But with a curse that even she, as a skilled sorceress, cannot break, she needs help—and unfortunately for the princess, help might only come at the princess’s  death. 

Enter the world of the Seven Kingdoms, a land once ruled by Fae and now cursed by them in book one of the Canens Chronicles. 


fire & frost: Canens Chronicles Book 2 (coming 2019)

The princess in disguise...

Princess Winterberry of Canens has fled the chains of slavery and her homeland. Now in a neighboring country--an enemy of Canens--Winter cannot confide in anyone. Ill and terrified by the uncontrollable magic that has awoken in her veins, Winter flees to the coastal capital of Ardor: Nubilus, and hides.

...meets a humble, hardworking young woman...

Ella, a young woman under the chains of Ardorian law, saves Winter and offers her a home, inviting Winter to share in her journey to save her late Father's business breeding and selling horses. If she can't sell a half dozen horses at the next auction, she loses everything--including her freedom. But with a mother and sisters who do nothing to help, and Ardorian laws that make it all but impossible for a woman to remain unmarried, Ella feels the noose tightening around her neck, and even Winter can do nothing to help.

...but all their hopes hinge on the return of the prince.

But when Prince Brann of Ardor returns to Ella's home city just before the bi-annual horse auction, Winter and Ella both see their chance. Ella to change the laws of the land by her best auction yet, and Winter to gain an ally to reclaim her throne.

Enter the world of the Seven Kingdoms, a land once ruled by Fae and now cursed by them in book two of the Canens Chronicles. 


broken time

Five years ago Constance's clock stopped at the same time as her husband's heart. With it, her life as she knew it stopped. The only constant was her job and her best friend. 

Since her husband's death, she hasn't been able to restart her life, and she's not ready to try. Then she gets laid off her job, her ex-druggie sister shows up on her doorstep (with a four-year-old daughter Constance has never met before), her best friend is suffering through a troubled marriage, and Constance is left without any idea what to do with herself.

So she does what she always does: buries herself into the past by clinging to fond memories. Only this time, she learns her memories might not be accurate. But even a broken clock is right twice a day. And now she's left picking up the pieces to everyone else's life and wondering whether anything she thought she knew about her life was true.